David Culp is a well-known gardener and a vice president with Sunny Border Nurseries, Inc., the largest perennial grower on the East Coast. David lectures throughout the United States, contributes articles to a variety of horticulture magazines, and has taught at Longwood for many years. He has received numerous awards, including the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Award of Merit, and the 2014 Perennial Plant Association’s Media Award. His book, The Layered Garden, was named overall book of the year by the Garden Communicators International.

International Lecturer

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David L. Culp Designs, LLC.

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Wilmington, DE
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David has been an instructor at Longwood Gardens for many years. Sign up for his classes at Longwood’s website.

Awards and Memberships

1997 - Distinguished Garden Award

Pennsylvania Horticultural society

2003 - Garden in Smithsonian Archives

American Gardens

2006 - Award of Merit

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

2012 - Award of Merit

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

2013 - Book of the Year

Garden Writers

2014 - Garden Media Award

Perennial Plant Association

2016 - Celebrated Garden Artist

Wave Hill

2016 - Outstanding American Gardens

Outstanding American Gardens: A Celebration: 25 Years of the Garden Conservancy

2017 - Celebrated Plant Expert

Delaware Center For Horticulture / Longwood Gardens Rare Plant Auction

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