David L. Culp

Gardener, Author, Lecturer, Designer, & Creator of Brandywine Cottage



David L. Culp

David Culp is the creator of the gardens at Brandywine Cottage in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. David has been lecturing about gardens nationwide for more than 25 years.

Articles on David have appeared in Gardens Illustrated, Horticulture Magazine, and numerous other publications.

A Year at Brandywine Cottage

Six Seasons of Beauty, Bounty, and Blooms

David Culp has spent more than 30 years creating a sensational year-round garden that provides an abundance of joy, both indoors and out. Here, he urges home gardeners everywhere to do the same in their own space. Culp’s fresh ideas and trusted advice fill this engaging guide, whether it’s choosing plants for twelve months of interest, weaving edibles into the mix, or bringing the bounty indoors with simple arrangements and homegrown recipes. Packed with glorious images and practical tips, A Year at Brandywine Cottage will inspire you to live a life enriched by nature every day of the year.

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The Layered Garden

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Brandywine Cottage

Brandywine Cottage is David Culp’s beloved 2-acre Pennsylvania garden where he mastered the design technique of layering — interplanting many different species in the same area so that as one plant passes its peak, another takes over.

A nonstop parade of color that begins with a tapestry of hellebores and heirloom daffodils in spring and ends with a jewel-like blend of Asian wildflowers at the onset of winter.

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Brandywine Snowdrops

Interested in adding gorgeous Galanthus to your garden? Download the Dormant Bulb List and send any orders to brandywinesnowdrops@comcast.net.

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David is a world renowned Hellebores expert, and has developed the Brandywine Hybrids™ hellebores variety, which originated in his garden.

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David Culp is also an expert in Galanthus, commonly known as Snowdrops. Learn more about this beautiful flower, and purchase some for your garden.